Soluções Profissionais desde 1996

Welcome to the website of ABSOLUTUS Audiovisuais – Rent, Sale and Installation of Audiovisuals Equipments!

Here you will find some Audiovisual Solutions available in the areas of Rental, Projects, Installation and Sales.

Global Solutions for Events using the latest Generation of Equipment of Sound, Image, Lighting, Scenarios, Logistics, Technical Support.

We took a traditionally simple event and made it a Memorable EVENT!

Global Solutions for Installation of Audiovisual in Control Rooms, Digital Signage for Commercial Areas, Venues, Auditoriums, Collaborative Systems, New Technologies.

Since 1996 we have been following the Evolution of Technology and the new day-to-day requirements offering Innovative and Functional Solutions.

And when there are none, we create!

*** The Site is undergoing updating, lacking several access menus to the different areas. Come back soon to see new content and technology. Thank you ***